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Dental Treatment - Fee List


Initial consultation includes up to 4 small digital X-rays and any photography.
Appointments from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Dental Clinicians from £140- £250
Implant Clinician from £125- £175
Endodontist Specialist from £125 - £175
Oral Surgeon Specialist from £125 - £175
Orthodontist Specialist from £125 - £175
Periodontist Specialist £175
Dermal (Face & Skin) from £90
Dental Recalls from £90-£175


Large Digital X-rays £120 each
Small Digital X-rays £20 each


Direct Access to Our Hygienist / Dental Therapist

Adult- 1 hour £125
Adult- 45 minutes £99
Children- 30 minutes £75
Air Flow/jet wash Stain Removal £45


Tooth Coloured Fillings from £180
Aesthetic Bonding from £240
Fissure Sealants from £90

Laboratory Restorations

Inlays/ Onlays from £990 each
Porcelain veneer from £990 each
Crowns from £990 each
Bridges from £990 each

Teeth Whitening

Consultation from £35 - £90

Teeth Whitening by Dental Clinician / Dental Therapist

In-house Whitening £625
Home Whitening £250 one arch
Home Whitening £350 both arches
Combination whitening £875

Teeth Whitening by Principal Dentist

In-house Whitening £900
Home Whitening £350 one arch
Home Whitening £450 both arches
Combination Whitening £1,200

Orthodontist Specialist - Braces

Ceramic Braces from £4,000
Lingual Braces (behind the teeth) from £6,000
Invisible Aligners from £2,000
Retainers from £200 per arch
Functional Appliance from £750 per arch

Endodontist Specialist Root Fillings

Root Canal Treatment:  
- Incisors/ Canines from £690
- Premolars from £740
- Molars from £840
Re-Root Canal Treatment from £765
Radiographs £20 each

Periodontist Specialist Gum Treatment

Root Surface Debridement (non surgical) from £380
Periodontal Surgery from £495
Crown Lengthening from £600 per site
Periodontal Review £150

Oral Surgeon Specialist

Simple Extraction from £220
Surgical Extraction from £360
Histology/ Biopsy from £180


Partial Acrylic from £900
Full Arch Acrylic from £1,800
Partial Chrome from £1,800

Dental Implants

Single Dental Implant (Complete) with Dental Crown from £3,200
Implant surgical stages (Per Missing Tooth):  
Implant Surgical Placement and Fixture (Per Implant) from £1,200
Healing Abutment from £200
Abutment from £650
Crowns from £1,200
Single front Premiere-Crown from £1,500
X-rays £20 each
Reviews from £90 per visit
Provisional Crowns / Bridges from £325 per unit

Additional Fees

Bone Substitutes / Grafting from £550
Sinus Lift from £750 per site
Soft Tissue (Gum) Grafting from £550
Medication £20 per item prescribed

Treatment of Anxious / Nervous Patients

Oral Sedation from £100 per session
Intravenous sedation (by a Qualified Anaesthetist) from £250 per hour

Dental Emergency Appointments

Out of Hours Emergency Appointments from £300
Normal Opening Hours Emergency Appointments from £180
Small Digital Radiographs £20 each
Large Digital Radiographs £120 each
Extirpation and Dressings of Teeth from £250
Prescriptions £20 per item


Additional Notes:


Lund Osler
Face, Skin & Beauty Treatments - Fee List


Dermal Aesthetics

Consultation from £90

Dermal Fillers

Per 0.5ml Syringe from £200
Per 1.0ml Syringe from £350

*Fee dependant on clinician undertaking procedure and the type of filler used.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

One Area from £250
Two Areas from £325
Three Areas from £375


Lund Osler guarantee all laboratory constructed items such as crowns, bridges, ceramics, dentures and all restorations for a period of two years provided:

  1. Regular maintenance is undertaken, i.e. dental check ups at least yearly and hygiene every 3-6 months.
  2. Home care advice and instructions are followed but treatment excludes change caused by external factors such as accidents/incidents.
  3. All specific advice relating to a clients individual plan and needs is followed
  4. Should one suffer a trauma or injury to the work completed due to an external factor such as a fall/blow or personal injury, the treatment guarantee will not be applicable.


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