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dental technology
dental technology
dental technology

DENTAL Technology

We search the globe for the latest technological developments and equipment to offer you the most effective, pain-free and least intrusive treatment. It’s a whole new world.

Lund Osler are pioneers in the use of high technology dental equipment. We consider this commitment to the use of technology as vital to the quality of our consultation, diagnosis and treatment. Digital equipment helps to explain and demonstrate to patients exactly what is occurring in their mouth, which can help to demystify the way we explain conditions and their proposed cosmetic dentistry London treatment.

Air Abrasion - no drilling involved

Amalgam Separators - a health & safety system

Linear Tomography - a new system allowing cross section x-rays of the jaw bone, to identify important anatomical structures such as nerves/canals, sinus and nasal floors, and to assess the quality and quantity of the bone as part of treatment planning

Lateral Ceph - used by the Orthodontist to take lateral x-rays

Screening -for oral cancer, plaque and caries

All these technologies are integrated into the computer system, giving the dentist and patient complete information.


Lund Osler use Trophy and Kodak dental software and equipment for all their dental care needs. Trophy lead the world in dental x-ray technology and digital imaging. This equipment facilitates a reduction in x-ray radiation of up to 90%. This equipment also meets all the diagnostic requirements of a dental practice combined with true simplicity of use. This technique decreases radiation exposure by up to 95% when compared to traditional methods. In addition to health benefits, it allows us to email your x-ray to specialist for immediate assessment.


Our high-end cameras allow you to see exactly what the clinician sees inside your mouth. Designed to record development and enhance client understanding, we capture each procedure from start to finish.

The technology Lund Osler use include Intra-Oral Cameras to show patients what the dentist sees. The Dental Microscope allows the clinician to examine, diagnose and treat endodontic, periodontic, general & restorative procedures.


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